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How Paid Traffic Attract Leads For Better Conversion Rates?

You know that generating leads is crucial for every business to sustain itself in the market. A similar trend is followed online for better reputation management. Companies whose websites follow organic methods to fetch traffic often end up in a slow process. Well, the SEO process may be slow but it is more like a marathon where the results show up after several months.

However, the companies require increased traffic on their website without any delays. It has given rise to paid traffic by using ads. These ads can be Google ads, or Facebook ads, most commonly known as PPC (Pay per click).

With the increased traffic, more people will come to know about your business visibility online. Here we are focusing more on the paid traffic system and not the organic one.

What is Paid Traffic?

Paid traffic marketing differs from the organic method of ranking your website. Using paid ads customers or users visit your website by clicking on ads or so-called paid marketing ad campaigns. Here, money is involved and it is a game of numbers. The more the merrier, the more cost is involved, thus getting more leads coming your way.

The paid traffic method is also a part of Digital marketing and it helps the website rank. This method is much faster in generating leads as compared to organic SEO techniques.

Now you may have a query in your mind,

“How to pay for the ads and run the campaigns?”


“What are the steps involved which help me to get better conversion rates?”

Steps To Attract Leads For Better Conversion With Paid Ads

Let us know more about how paid traffic can attract leads for better conversion. Some of the steps are to be followed which can give you better results.

    1. Usage of Keywords

We all know how keywords play a role in ranking a website or a web page. Playing with the keyword can make or mar your search for a website. Using paid ads the keywords are monetized to get a higher reach. As the user searches for a keyword, it syncs with the same and shows the content of your website or a specific page as targeted.

Using the right keywords will enable a higher search and also your website will be shown in the top results. So, mind the usage of the right keywords to attract paid traffic.

    1. Mind the CTA

Using a paid marketing campaign, the CTA or say a call to action is the main focus. It is one of the essential parts that can tell the user or customer to act upon. The first step lets the customers reach your website by clicking the paid ads. The second step is all about a call to action that does the conversion. It bridges the gap between a visitor to a potential customer.

Do make use of call-to-action features in your paid ads such as “Shop Now“, “Buy Now” or “Sale is ON, buy before the stock lasts“, etc.

    1. Design a Landing Page

You have a website and that’s a good thing. However, a perfectly designed landing page can do wonders for your business. The main motive here is to direct the paid ad traffic to your landing page. It is the page where your visitor will land on and see your website. After reaching there the visitor will no longer be a visitor, but a potential customer. He or she will browse your website or landing page for specific product deals or services offered.

It is the game changer where your generated lead turns into a conversion when the customer clicks on BUY NOW button. So, more the efficient is the landing page, the better the will be conversion rates.

    1. Consider your Budget

We are talking about PPC services i.e. Pay per click – a form of paid advertising to grab the traffic. So, you need to consider your budget before going further with the ad campaigns. Based on the budget you will be able to plan the conversions as well as keep a limit on the money spent.

Further, the budget also helps in determining how efficient your campaign is. Based on your experience you can reduce or increase the limit for the budget.

The Bottom Line

Digital marketing has given us a boon and for the business owners, it is a blessing. From organic techniques to paid ad campaign methods you can easily tap the target audience.

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