WizeBrains is home to the most capable team of smart front-end and back-end JS developers on the planet. We provide offshore experience in Angular JS, Node JS, React JS frameworks, and other frameworks. Our full-stack JS developers offer responsive, dependable, and completely secure end-products, making them ideal for launching a thriving online business. We’ve completed over 1000 ambitious full-stack JS development projects worldwide. Experts have chosen us because we are committed to revolutionizing the IT industry’s developing smart apps. Service offered by us:


Full-stack development with JS is the creation of dynamic apps and websites using a single technology. We provide full-stack development services to all of our clients at WizeBrains to create user-friendly and feature-rich dynamic websites and applications.
Our team of professionals has considerable expertise in Full Stacked Development and can create in a variety of JS-based languages, including:

  • Node JS
  • Angular JS
  • React JS

Node Js

NODE.JS is a cross-platform and provide open-source JavaScript run-time environment for executing server-side JavaScript code.
JavaScript was primarily used for client-side scripting, which involved embedding JavaScript scripts in the HTML of a webpage and having the scripts executed by a JavaScript engine in the user’s web browser.


Angular Js

Angular JS is another important framework for creating dynamic websites and online applications. This framework is capable of converting static HTML to dynamic HTML. Angular JS is developed by Google and a community of individuals and businesses who solve problems in single-page application development.


React Js

React js is a JavaScript library that is used for building user interfaces. React js is maintained by Instagram, Facebook and a community of corporations and individual developers. React js is used in the development of mobile applications and single-page applications. It primarily aims at providing speed, simplicity, and scalability.


Vue Js

Vue.js is an open-source based JavaScript framework, which is used for building user interfaces. Integration into projects that use JavaScript libraries becomes really easy with Vue because of its incremental adoptability.
Vue can also work as a web application framework capable enough to power advanced single page applications.


Knockout Js

Knockout js is a standalone JavaScript implementation of the MVM – Model-View-Model templates. Knockout js leverages the native event management features of the JavaScript language. That streamlines and simplifies the specification of complex relationships between view components.

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