Steps To Reduce Your Carbon Footprint While Using the Internet

Carbon Footprint


Carbon footprint while using the internet isn’t a thought that many people have in life. With words like cloud storage and streaming, it appears that the internet does not affect the world. As the internet is a prominent part of daily life for many, it is essential to ask this question.

Does Use Of the Internet Cause Carbon Footprint?

Many people are under the impression that the use of the internet does not cause a carbon footprint. However, that isn’t true. Instead, the internet relies on big machines that require a massive amount of electricity. Hence, it has a considerable carbon footprint. Electricity use is essential to run gadgets and access the internet. Therefore, we must do our part to reduce our carbon footprint while using the internet.

Steps to Reduce Carbon Footprint while using the internet

There are several steps that individuals can take to reduce their carbon footprint while using the internet.

Power Settings

While using a computer or a laptop, using the sleep or hibernate option is essential to conserve energy. It will help the battery last longer after every charge. Moreover, it is best to shut the monitor and other accessories like printers that aren’t in use at the moment.

Monitor Brightness

Monitors are among the biggest consumer of energy in a laptop or computer. So, changing the settings of the brightness of the monitor is an ideal method of conserving energy. Moreover, reduced brightness will also lower the stress on your eyes.

Tracking Protection

Data tracking services turn on every time people use the internet. It uses vast data and transfers it to several companies. 

Strict tracking protection will help protect against it and stop data transfers and processing by these services. It helps reduce the energy used.

Downloading is Better than Streaming

Streaming increases carbon footprint. While some streaming services are better at mitigating the impact of carbon footprint, others are not. Instead, downloading it means that you only use the server once. Hence, it is best to download if you plan on watching something more than once.

Block Video Autoplay

Video autoplay is another aspect that uses more energy. So, opt for not auto-playing the videos while scrolling the internet. It can help save the environment. Most browsers either come with the default setting of no autoplay or give the option to stop it.


One of the best ways to reduce your digital carbon footprint is to take some time off the internet. Take the time to be in nature and enjoy the beautiful landscapes. It will help protect the environment, give your eyes some relaxation, and your mind the time to introspect.


Internet might look like a place that does not cause a huge carbon footprint, but the illusion falls once you start to analyze the working of the internet. Cloud storage, your emails, and streaming all affect the environment. While there is no consequence-free alternative to the product, the best humans can do today is take steps to reduce the use of the internet.