Artificial Intelligence Technology

How Augmented Reality (AR) Is Making Mobile App Development Interesting?

Augmented Reality!!! or AR, what’s that??? You must have heard this several times but you don’t what it actually is. Let me tell you that Augmented reality is a technology that works on smartphones – Android and Apple devices (smartphones and tablets). It gives the user an extended experience using their mobile applications. As this […]

Mobile Application Development

Today’s new trend – Mobile Application Development

Do you feel like that you don’t know anything about mobile application and development? Have a look at the entire things related to Android and iOS mobile app development and much more. iPhone developers, designers, and engineers are skilled in technical know-how and make custom apps using the iPhone software development kit. As part of mobile […]


Programming Languages Every Technology Pro Should Know

In this growing world of software & development, the demand for coding programmers is on the top. However, learning a programming language may take some time, but eventually, it becomes possible with the right path. It’s easy to get lost in the sea of programming languages until and unless you know clearly what you want. […]